Sedation dentistry is an aspect that is very important to the overall success of procedures with some patients. Anxiety is present in all aspects of life, particularly in the dental chair. With the advent of anxiolytics, we are able to treat patients with relative ease and comfort. There are three different modalities of sedation dentistry offered at our practice.

The first is oral sedation. Typically, patients can be prescribed anti-anxiety pills to relax prior to the procedure. This a relatively commonplace practice that is employed to help make procedures more comfortable.

Nitrous oxide is also offered to relax patients. During the procedure, a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is delivered to the patient through a breathing apparatus to appropriately relax and raise the pain threshold of patients. Some patients may become so relaxed that they begin giggling, hence, 'laughing gas' is often the anxiolytic of choice for many patients!

Lastly, IV sedation is also offered to completely sedate patients while work is being performed. This is typically only done if patients require extra-long procedures and are extremely anxious. In IV sedation, an anesthesiologist is employed to monitor the patient as they are sedated to ensure that they are tolerating the procedure well.

Our dentists and dental staff will work with you to make sure you are as comfortable personally and physically as possible.