Early orthodontic treatment is sometimes a difficult decision to make as a parent. But a simple screening at age 7 will enable our doctors to recognize any emerging growth and development problems. Although children at that age may not be ready for orthodontic treatment, it is important to begin monitoring their dental development and physical growth patterns.

With early visits to an orthodontics office, a highly trained doctor can evaluate growth of the jaw, loss of baby teeth, eruption of adult teeth and the effect of habits such as thumbsucking, tongue thrusting or mouth breathing. As a result of these checkups, our orthodontist can keep potential problems at bay, reduce expense and lower the duration of early orthodontic treatments.

When treatment is necessary in children, the orthodontist can work to improve the relationship of upper and lower jaws. Early treatment can also improve facial appearance and self-esteem, gain space for permanent teeth, reduce the need for tooth extractions, correct bad habits and regulate normal breathing or speech problems. In some, early treatment can simplify later treatment if it becomes necessary.

In addition to traditional braces, our orthodontist is also trained and qualified to perform Invisalign, which is another option for straightening teeth without wires and brackets. This option may appeal more to adults who do not want the appearance of metal brackets and wires in the mouth.

Our orthodontic specialist will work with you to create a program that will produce results that you will be happy with. Call today for a consultation with our board-certified orthodontist!